Welcome to the website for the Graduate History Society (GHS) of the Department of History at the University of Toronto.

The GHS works to enhance our student community in a variety of ways:

  • Working with faculty members, the chair and the graduate coordinator on student and program issues
  • Organizing scholarly seminars
  • Organizing the annual graduate history symposium
  • Supporting the editors of the department’s graduate history journal
  • Introducing new students to the department and the city
  • Arranging social events
  • Administering a listserv for all graduate students

Governance Structure

Each fall, our graduate students elect an executive committee to lead the GHS. These committee members express graduate students’ concerns and serve as voting members at departmental meetings. The society also has four seats (3 PhD and 1 MA) on the department’s Graduate Program Committee. The GHS is also a member of the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), from which it receives annual funding. All registered graduate students in the department are welcome to attend and participate in GHS monthly meetings.


The GHS office contains a wide variety of academic and professional resources, including graduate course evaluations, winning scholarship applications from recent years and past comprehensive exam questions. There are also numerous guides on subjects ranging from teaching techniques to campus resources. Please contact a member of the GHS executive to gain access to this information.

Graduate Student Experience Handbook

Compiled in the summer of 2016, this document is a collective work by history graduate students. Many of us felt that there were times during our graduate work when we felt lost about how to proceed, and that the best solution to this problem was to create a living document in which we could share our collective knowledge. We hope that this handbook will continue to grow as graduate student conditions change, and that through the sharing of knowledge this document will encourage communication and solidarity within the History Department. Download the 2016-2017 Handbook here!


The GHS runs a listserv to foster communication between graduate students in the Department of History. From time to time, members will post items they consider relevant to a large portion of the graduate community. These may include announcements of upcoming talks and seminars, reports from departmental committees, information about jobs and issues arising from the Graduate Students’ Union and CUPE 3902, among other things. Notification of GHS meetings and subsequent minutes is also circulated on the listserv. Membership is monitored by the listserv administrator, and no faculty membership is permitted. The listserv administrator can be reached at GHS-L-request@LISTERV.UTORONTO.CA.

To join the GHS listserv, send the following command to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA:
JOIN GHS-L [your email address] [your first & last name]
For example: JOIN GHS-L john.smith@mail.utoronto.ca John Smith

Contact Information

Graduate History Society
Room 3104, Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

GHS Facebook Group
GHS President: Kimberly Main (kimberly.main@mail.utoronto.ca)
International Student Liaison: Sanchia DeSouza (sanchia.desouza@mail.utoronto.ca)